The SCA was founded in 1959 by some disaffected members of the Siamese Cat Club, which at that time dominated the Siamese fancy. It had been felt that another affiliated club actively involved with the powers to appoint judges would introduce an element of democracy to the fancy.

In the first issue of the SCA Journal Ivor Raleigh wrote "It was decided to form a new club to provide those interested in Siamese with the kind of amenities and services they both needed and demanded."

The aim was to be a non-political association devoted to the service of Siamese Cats and Siamese Cat Lovers. There was hope for a cordial and co-operative relationship between all Siamese clubs.

The first Chairman was Dr Ivor Raleigh, the Vice-Chairman was Mrs Lucy Price, the Honorary Secretary was Mrs Elsie Towe and the Honorary Treasurer was Mr Leonard Carter. Other committee members were Mrs Phyllis Lauder, Mrs. Eileen Lentaigne, Mrs Winifred Carter, Miss Ann Codrington and Miss E. Dukes. By 1965, although affiliated to the Governing Council, the SCA still did not have representation on Council. This was even though, with membership of about 350, they were probably one of the largest Cat Clubs. However the SCA played a major part in attaining the right of representation for all affiliated clubs. The SCA was also instrumental in setting up a committee consisting of representatives from all the existing Siamese Cat Clubs. This evolved into the first Joint Advisory Committee.

Nowadays we have a very friendly relationship with the Siamese Cat Club and indeed all the Siamese Breed Clubs. Many people being members of more than one club.

From the beginning the policy of the SCA has been to "offer members the highest possible standards of service and help in all matters relating to the breeding, keeping and exhibiting of Siamese Cats. To assist in the abolition of cruelty to all cats and to strive towards the betterment of housing of stud cats" - aims which are, of course, still relevant today.

The enthusiasm of the new club resulted in the first show being held in 1961. This, and some other early shows, were held in conjunction with the Short Haired Cat Society. The first 'solo' Championship Show was held at Eastbourne Floral Gardens in 1968. The shows then moved to the Pier Ballroom, Hastings. The 1969 show had an entry of 319 cats in competition with also more than a dozen on exhibition. By the mid 70's shows were held in St Albans. Since 1995 we have held shows 'Back to Back' with the Oriental Cat Association. These have been very successful as many exhibitors show both Siamese and Orientals.

The SCA has a history of supporting the newer colours of Siamese. From the recognition of the Red, Cream and Tortie Points to today's Caramel, Apricot, Cinnamon and Fawn Points.